Saturday, November 24, 2012


FACEBOOK...MYSPACE...BLOGS...TEXTING...PHONE CALLS...ETC all create NOISE!!  Our lives are surrounded by NOISE!  We are intertwined and in tangled with distractions and NOISE!  We never stop long enough to hear that STILL SMALL VOICE INSIDE!  That voice that always speaks but rarely heard because of ALL OF THE NOISE!  When we stop long enough to listen we get direction and answers that we've been praying and pleading for, for years! 

When is the last time you drove anywhere without the radio, ipod, CD, etc playing in the background?  When is the last time you sat in silence for more than a few minutes.  We are so used to all the noise that it's weird to operate without it. 

Sometimes the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGHS happen in SILENCE!  Sometimes the GREATEST IDEAS happen when silence is present!!  Sometimes the MOST SINCERE APOLOGIES happen when silence is allowed to ushers in peace!  Sometimes CLARITY CAN FIND IT'S WAY BACK HOME when silence is preferred instead of chaos!  When SILENCE is present HEALING is AVAILABLE, LOVE is PARAMOUNT and HOPE is in ABUNDANCE! 

Being STILL is a PRICELESS GIFT that too many of us have forgotten about!  Being STILL makes the waves of life CALM and the WINDS that want to tear us away, CEASE!  When we are STILL long enough and GOD is welcome to intervene our SOUL can be STILL and BLESSINGS can BEGIN!

Psalm 46:10-New International Version (NIV)

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”
Singer and Song Writer Kari Jobe might explain it best!  Take a listen and then turn everything off and BE STILL!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Every Thanksgiving there's always lots of noise and a nice amount of chaos.  In the midst of the day you'll find a bunch of laughter and maybe a few tears.  And in the end we're still family or at least we hope. 

Thanksgiving can be a very stressful time for some families, and for others it's a time for anticipation and excitement!  But whatever it may be for you, take time this Thanksgiving to engage and be PRESENT!  It's so easy to get lost in the shuffle or to hide out, steering clear of the darts. 

Our own families can be challenging and maybe hard to LOVE but LOVE them ANYWAY!  You know Angie posted something on Facebook yesterday that hit home with me she said, "LOVE cost not one cent...BUT when GIVEN is PRICELESS"!  What family member will you extend LOVE to today?  Will you finally tell your DAD or MOM that you LOVE them?  Will you reach for more and tell your BROTHER you're SORRY?  Can you finally forgive the family member who wronged you?  Could you speak hope into someones life today instead of insults?  Would hold someone close instead of pushing them away.  Will you give a PRICELESS gift today?  Will you LOVE them Anyway?


Stephanie Lainez

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As I have been reading Angie's Facebook post these few days I can see the abounding theme of "LIVE to LOVE"!  And if you think about it, that is SO HARD TO DO!!  I mean seriously think about it!  LIVE your LIFE to LOVE!  "What if the people in my life aren't loving back"?  LOVE them ANYWAY!  "What if they have wronged me"?  LOVE the ANYWAY!  "What if they don't deserve my LOVE"?  LOVE them ANYWAY!  "What if they talk behind my back"?  LOVE them ANYWAY!  "What if they ignore me"?  LOVE them ANYWAY!  LOVE ANYWAY! 


Imagine what would happen if we LOVED ANYWAY?  How would our enemies react?  How would those hard to LOVE family members feel?  How would people in your world respond?

This holiday LOVE ANYWAY!
Stephanie Lainez
Author/Speaker/Mommy SuperHero

Monday, July 30, 2012


What are you THANKFUL for?
I can look at my own life and say NOT MUCH!  I have struggles in my life that are extremely pressing and stressful!  And we just lost 3 friends and family members this last week.   The car broke down AGAIN!  Someone is sick AGAIN in the house!  And the kitchen and both bathrooms are being taken over with ANTS!  Sometimes I want to crawl into a ball and cry!  Arguments ensue and the fabric of the home seems threatened.
I get to a place where I have to shout at myself and say, “STOP!!  Stephanie, enough is ENOUGH!!  You are NOT defeated!  Get your butt out of bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, get out of your pj’s and SMILE”!  I have to force myself to identify the things in my life that I’m thankful for.  I have to pull myself up and out of my despair.  I chose to be there I can choose to get out!!! 
So what will I choose to be thankful for this week?  Great girlfriends who love and honor me!  Family who love me whether broke or rich!  And for a husband and son who don’t judge me even if I choose to allow my despair to consume me!!   I will be THANKFUL THIS WEEK!! 

Thankful-Kelly Clarkson

You know my soul
You know ev'rything about me there's to know
You know my heart
How to make me stop and how to make me go
You should know
I love ev'rything about you
Don't you know?

That I'm thankful for the blessings
And the lessons that I've learned with you
By my side
That I'm thankful
For the love that you
Keep bringin' in my life
In my life

Thankful, so thankful

You know my thoughts
Before I open my mouth and try to speak
You know my dreams
Must be listenin' when I'm talkin' in my sleep
I hope you know
I love having you around me
Don't you know, yeah

That I'm thankful (oh) for the blessings (oh)
And the lessons that I've learned with you
By my side
That I'm thankful (so thankful)
For the love that you
Keep bringin' in my life (in my life)
In my life

Don't you know that I'm thankful (for the moment)
When I'm down and you'll just try to make me smile

Make me smile
Thankful (so thankful) for all the joy you bring into my life
In my life

All the lessons that I've learned
For the trouble I've known
For the heartache and pain
Thrown in my way
When I didn't think I could go on
But you made me feel strong
With you I am never alone

Thankful, so thankful

So I'm thankful for the blessings
And the lessons that I've learned with you
By my side
And I'm thankful (so thankful)
For the love that you
Keep bringin' in my life
In my life

Thankful (thankful) for the moment when I'm down and you'll just try to make me smile

Thankful (thankful) for all the joy you bring into my life


So thankful
So thankful
So thankful
So thankful


Stephan Lainez

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mornings with Angie

Every morning start with your A B C's and make things happen!!  By making things happen and not sitting on the sidelines you WILL succeed!!  What will you produce this week?  What will you change or do differently in order to CREATE A SHIFT in your life?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today I will be AMAZING!

Each morning begins with an opportunity to achieve!

Think about that for a moment! EVERY MORNING I have the opportunity to achieve ANYTHING! If I wake up feeling down and depressed then guess what? I have the mindset of depression! I will walk in depression, wallowing throughout my day! BUT if I DECIDE to SHIFT my thinking then I have the POWER to CHANGE my day!! Now catch this if you will, if change and shift and turn my day into DANCING and REJOICING then other WILL FOLLOW!

So the question that really begs to be answered is; will I be a person who changes the atmosphere or will I be a person who allows the atmosphere change me?
Here's your chance to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!


Stephanie Lainez